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Writing thesis conclusion – easy with just 8 handles

thesis conclusion

Thesis conclusion

Why do many writers struggle with this? Mostly because it is not entirely clear what you should and should not put in the conclusion.

With a few handles and basic rules, it becomes a lot easier, after all, there is no need for new content in your conclusion and your writing style is important.

A good thesis concludes with a good conclusion

You should take that closure almost literally: no new facts emerge, you answer your main question or confirm (or not) your hypothesis. This, of course, is based on the results of your project.

It is important to only name results, not yet discuss or interpret them, that will come later in the discussion.

Since you are going to answer your main question, it is good to repeat it in your conclusion. In your conclusion, you should state the answer to that main question or your finding on your hypothesis. Then, of course, you have to substantiate your answer, again not with new facts but with information you have already given the reader in the various chapters.

Simple handles for a good conclusion to your thesis

With a simple checklist, you can write a good conclusion for your thesis in terms of content.

Repeating the main questionExplain or explain the main question
Describe observationsInterpret
State important resultsDo not disclose relevant results
Draw conclusions based on previously described results or dataDescribe new data or results
Answer any sub-questionsMention additional findings
Answer key questionDiscuss answer
Mentioning important factsGive examples
Reformulate previously presented informationCopy texts from previous chapters
8 handles for a good conclusion thesis

A few more tips for a good writing style in your conclusion

  • Your conclusion must have a well-followed storyline for the reader. So that’s something other than just lists that make up the content summary
  • Therefore, it is also good to save the writing of your conclusion until the end. Only then will you have the complete overview of your project and therefore your results.
  • The project is completed so make sure you use the correct verb tense for that as well. The results of your research in the past tense (this research looked at… showed that). The unfinished present tense (must adjust its design, the design no longer conforms to…) for facts and findings.

So: conclusion thesis…. No more trouble for you, good luck writing!

More global information on how to build a research paper can be found at universities. For example, the University of Groningen.

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