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good paragraph build-up as cornerstone of your thesis or report

Write your thesis with 7 tips

Tip 5: A good paragraph build-up: the cornerstone of your thesis

Building a good paragraph is the cornerstone of the content of your thesis or report. Most of the content of your report is expressed in the paragraphs. In fact, all content you introduce there for the first time. You work it out, substantiate it and put it in the right context. You can rightly call this important core structure a cornerstone.

This makes it very important to apply a good paragraph structure: with a focus on your message. That way, the content gets to your reader in the right way. And the right way is how you as a writer want to convey the message to your reader. All paragraphs together contain most of your content. Therefore, it is important to identify the paragraph message individually for each paragraph. This is how you guarantee the reader the structure of your text. With a good paragraph build-up, he can easily figure out the message of that paragraph. While reading the paragraph, he can then read the underpinnings or elaboration and determine whether he agrees with you. So the easier it is to show the message to the reader, the easier it is to follow your content. So a good paragraph build-up ensures focus on the paragraph message.

The main message of your paragraph is best written in the first sentence of your paragraph, some key points possibly in the last sentence. Your reader will know how to post the content when reading the paragraph. After all, he already knows your main message. There are slightly different views on this: first sentence, second sentence or last sentence [language shop] . I personally notice in many texts that a combination of first sentence and a connection via the last sentence works well. That last sentence of a paragraph puts all those details back in the light of the main message. It is the main message of the paragraph, the details are for substantiation or desecration. The key message of the paragraph in the last sentence can then serve as a summary reminder.

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