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Importance of good reporting

Write your thesis with 7 tips

Tip 3: The importance of good reporting – 4 handles

It seems like an open door: good reporting is enormously important. Such a statement that everyone agrees with. So why do we often miss it? Why doesn’t a reader always understand exactly what the writer means? Indeed, because it is quite difficult to get your message across properly.

When you write a thesis, dissertation, article or report for your colleagues you want to get your message across as clearly as possible. Because: what is brilliant content if the writer cannot convey it? Better good content that is also conveyed well, that’s more effective.

Getting your message across is not easy. Still, there are four handles that can help you with every step of the writing process:

  1. Message: Focus on your message to your reader
    You write because you want to get your content across. Otherwise, the good content of your project will still be worthless.
  2. Compact: report the right details
    The reader easily loses you if you provide too much less relevant information
  3. Not too compact: add enough details
    The reader must of course be convinced of your message.
  4. Structure: Make clear what the reader should do with your content
    This bridges the contradiction of the two previous points. In other words: apply a good structure. Make sure the reader understands what to do with your information. So first tell your message at the main level, then the details to substantiate or explain.

Perhaps the first and last are the most important. Knowing what you want to tell your reader and in a structure that is understandable for the reader. Keep in mind that the reader at the start of your report is not yet the expert on your project. You have carried out or studied the project, your reader has not yet. So start where the reader starts, with his knowledge.

Do not underestimate the importance of good reporting while writing. Here are some other handles on this subject if you like. Good luck with your thesis or project report!

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