Faster & Better Writing Your Thesis

This offer of the course ‘Structured your thesis writing’ with the SLIM method is especially from and for Lugus members.

Do you recognize these challenges?

  • How to start writing?
  • How do I formulate my assignment?
  • Where do I put the head & accessories?
  • Due to high pressure I block
  • How do I write compact yet complete?
  • ….

This course will help you!

  • A practical and structured method
  • You get into a writing flow
  • Formulate from your message to the reader
  • Write in the correct order
  • Knowing where to write your main issues and side issues
  • Structured writing from your message instead of from the project execution and results
  • In academic practice developed by dr. Vos

Thanks to Lugus this course is for sale with 15% discount. In addition, 10% of the yield goes to Lugus.

Normally 32.50 euros

Friends who (are going to) write a thesis? Help them by pointing this out.

About 150 students preceded you and reacted very enthusiastically.

Over the past ten years, this method has been taught in small groups, individually and recently also online. The reactions were very positive:

“It can be quite difficult to write down the message of your thesis clearly and coherently.

In order to improve my skills in this area, I took this course and I can recommend it to you!

Master’s student IEM
University of Groningen

“Why didn’t I learn this way of writing before in training!”

Bachelor student IEM
University of Groningen

“Through this academic writing course I have become much more efficient and my reports have become clearer and to the point.”

Master’s student IEM
University of Groningen

You can get started immediately!

  • Your course will be available to you online immediately after purchase.
  • When you purchase, you also enter your username and password, so you can log in immediately after purchase and start your course.
  • After purchase, you will also receive a confirmation via your email.
  • Because this is online, you can work on multiple computers or tablets. It automatically captures where you left off.
  • If you ask before or after the course, you can reach us by email: Academy@asintik.com
  • The course consists of instruction videos, instructions and exercises
  • Example texts are used but you also start using your own text

Your benefits

  • You can do the course when it suits you
  • You can set the pace yourself
  • The best course is to do in about 2 times 1.5 hours
  • You can repeat a video or key one more time to refresh your knowledge
  • You can optionally send your own example for feedback
  • Focused on direct practical application

Thanks to Lugus this course is for sale with 15% discount. In addition, 10% of the yield goes to Lugus.

Normally 32.50 euros

This is a Lugus offer for the course structured thesis writing

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