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Innovate your thesis writing: write with ease

Feeling overwhelmed by wanting to deliver your masterpiece? – You are done rewriting over and over again? – Done with selecting main and side issues? – Done with receiving feedback you are using too many repetitions in your text? – You feel your supervisor misses what you mean?

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Learn about: What is your message as a writer to your reader. 

If you want to get a head start in writing your thesis and learn about:

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Over Asintik Academy: oprichter Jeroen Vos

Jeroen Vos

Founder thesis academy & Thesis supervisor @RUG

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...This course taught me to convey my message without adding long unnecessary and distracting text... writing a text is much faster...
Kirsten Niekolaas
Kirsten Niekolaas
Master IEM student RUG
The SLIM method and other techniques taught in this course are very useful for writing any kind of document. The method teaches you to be more conscious of what you actually want to say. Highly recommended!
Harry Auke Venema
Harry Auke Venema
Master IEM student RUG
How do I get my message across to my reader? How to make sure it is a coherent structure? Jeroen hands rather simple to use tricks to easily reach both goals.
Geertje Motzelt
Bachelor IEM student RUG

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Just join online from where ever you are! An internet connection, your favourite device and your curiousness is all you need.

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50 spots only! - May 12th 5:00PM

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