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Academic writing course

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Course Thesis Writing With Ease

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A useful course that improved my academic writing skills. Unfortunately, I was only able to take the course during my last graduation project. I therefore recommend every student to take this course at least prior to his/her graduation project (bachelor or master) and preferably even earlier, so that you can develop yourself even more in the field of academic writing!
Vincent van Emous
Vincent van Emous
Incredibly useful!
How do I get my message across to my reader? How to make sure it is a coherent structure? Jeroen hands rather simple to use tricks to easily reach both goals.
Geertje Motzelt
Simple to use tricks
This course taught me to clearly communicate my main message. Before this course, I wasn't consciously concerned with how I wrote down my message. I often thought; as long as everything is in there. As a result, I wrote long reports. This made it unclear what was important. This course teaches you to think more consciously about how & what you write down. Because of this it may take more effort to write the report, but in the end it will be much shorter & more concise! As a result, you will have less to explain or correct. After the course, you still need to practice to master the method. I see my reports getting clearer step by step (and I get this back from my readers!). I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to write concisely!
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Anne Peters
I see my reports getting clearer step by step (and I get this back from my readers!)
This academic writing course has made me write much more efficiently and my reports have become clearer and to the point.
Kirsten Niekolaas
Kirsten Niekolaas
I started writing much more efficiently
As a writer (with or without experience), you may have some doubts beforehand that this course will teach you new things. My experience (as an experienced thesis writer) is that it certainly will! The SLIM method and other techniques taught in this course are very useful for writing any kind of document. The method teaches you to be more conscious of what you actually want to say. Who doesn't recognize that people can sometimes be a bit verbose, so that you don't really understand the message? That is why this (simple) method is so important to learn! In addition, during the course the idea is explained in an easy and clear way. You actually don't have to do much yourself, although you will need some practice afterwards to use the method to perfection! Highly recommended!
Harry Auke Venema
Harry Auke Venema
A revelation for academic writing

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Course Thesis Writing With Ease

Full course + 2 free review meetings