Asintik Academy

Our Story

Our common thread: inspire people and teams by discovering, applying and improving content together.

Jeroen Vos
Dr.ir. Jeroen Vos - Founder


Since 2005, we have been inspiring people and teams by carrying out innovative projects together. At the same time, our founder Jeroen Vos also started working at the university again to inspire students and to be inspired in other areas.

Since then we have grown into project implementation with professionals in the industry especially in the field of configure to order (SlimMaatwerk). In addition, we have also worked on continuously improving our methods.

Responses from our customers and students

"Why didn't I learn this way of writing earlier in training!"

Master's student IEM
University of Groningen

"The interplay of Business modelling and technical concepts creates inspiring, and not just the obvious, solutions."

Haije Zijlstra
Haije Zijlstra
Innovation for manufacturing program manager, Philips

"Asintik holds up a mirror that allows you to restructure your innovation roadmap to give space and direction to new product opportunities and to the supply chain for new process possibilities."

Paul Steenbergen
Paul Steenbergen
Director Innovation & Engineering M&G

"My report is much more compact while my supervisors are much more satisfied"

Bachelor student IEM
University of Groningen