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Our knowledge and experience in projects and guidance since 2005 is also coming to the online environment in mid-2020. Gradually the course offer will also fill up online.

Focused on practical application

The highest goal: that you can apply the knowledge in your practice

Founded on academic knowledge

Lifelong learning, also for us, we constantly brush up on our knowledge.

Premium quality

Asintik has been in charge of product leadership since 2005. You can see this in our course material.

The most popular courses

After 15 years of coaching professionals and students, we started to share our knowledge online in 2020. Our offer will grow steadily!

scriptie schrijven

Academisch schrijven online begeleiding

Academic Writing course

Academic writing – SLIM method in 3 steps


Webinar thesis writing with ease: practical tips based on the SLIM method.

CTO bites cover

CTO bites: the benefits of configure to order for companies and customers

Improve your performance in an inspiring way!

For 15 years our mission, I hope you want to join!

Jeroen Vos
Dr.ir. Jeroen A.W.M. Vos — Founder

Our courses are practical. Almost always we use a project that you already carry out. To learn at the same time and execute the project.

Asintik is known for its quality, which we also get back from our customers. Also online we strive for the best learning experience. So our courses are not static, we continuously improve them based on the latest insights. Everything to increase your learning income!

Commercial organisations and academia each have their own strengths. We combine them! Our founder has been working for both of them since 2005: lifelong learning. His worldwide experience at universities and organizations is the basis for the courses offered by the Asintik Academy.

Developing and serving students well is better with the right partners. We work with partners in the field of:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Additional offer
  3. Representing the interests of our target groups

An overview of our partners can be found on our partner page.

Responses from previous (off- and online) participants

"Why didn't I learn this way of writing earlier in training!"

Master's student IEM
University of Groningen

"The interplay of Business modelling and technical concepts creates inspiring, and not just the obvious, solutions."

Haije Zijlstra
Haije Zijlstra
Innovation for manufacturing program manager, Philips

"Asintik holds up a mirror that allows you to restructure your innovation roadmap to give space and direction to new product opportunities and to the supply chain for new process possibilities."

Paul Steenbergen
Paul Steenbergen
Director Innovation & Engineering M&G

"Together with Asintik, we set up the solid foundation of a modular platform whose success has already been proven in the market."

Rogier de Haas
Rogier de Haas
Sr. architect male grooming, Philips

"My report is much more compact while my supervisors are much more satisfied"

Bachelor student IEM
University of Groningen

"The performance of De Jager rvs has been significantly improved by the chain optimization of Asintik."

Frits de Jager
Frits the Hunter
Director de Jager stainless steel

Online course bachelor thesis writing

Writing a bachelor’s thesis can be a challenge. It starts with knowing what you want to say and writing it down in a structured way. For this you can take this online course.

Online master thesis course

With a master’s thesis, a little more is expected of you. This is particularly true in the area of project content. After that, however, you will have to write down your message in a structured way. That’s what you’ll learn in this online course.

Building up thesis

Many students find it difficult to choose the right structure for their thesis. In this online course you will learn how to tackle this.

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